IPTA Education and Public Outreach

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Photo Credit: Andreas Freise

The IPTA is dedicated to educating all people about pulsars and gravitational wave astronomy and to inspiring the next generation of citizen and professional scientists and engineers. We support the outreach efforts of our individual PTA members and provide a framework for cooperating on education and outreach projects on a global scale. You can stay up-to-date with the latest IPTA news by following us on Facebook.

An Introduction to IPTA Science

  • You can learn more about pulsars by visiting the “Introduction to Pulsars” outreach page hosted by the Australia Telescope National Facility.

  • A description of gravity, General Relativity, and gravitational waves by NANOGrav & the EPTA is available from our friends at gwoptics as an multi-lingual e-book.

  • Play and experiment with the games/apps provided by gwoptics on their “Play” page.

  • While the IPTA is interested in very low frequency gravitational waves, other collaborations, such as LIGO, can search for higher frequency gravitational waves, see the University of Birmingham’s Gravitational Wave group the for more details.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

  • Anyone in the world can help search for pulsars using their home computer by joining the Einstein@Home project.

  • The Australian Pulse@Parkes program introduces students to observing with the Parkes Radio Telescope.

  • The Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, United States operates the Pulsar Search Collaboratory, which engages high school students and teachers in hands-on research by searching for new pulsars.

  • Follow NANOGrav and the EPTA on their Facebook pages.

  • NANOGrav members are releasing a series of YouTube videos and podcasts (available for free from both the NANOGrav website and iTunes) that discuss PTA science topics.